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Linkage Biosciences™ is now a part
of Thermo Fisher Scientific™

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Linkage Biosciences joins Thermo Fisher Scientific's transplant diagnostics business, which now represents both One Lambda and Linkage Biosciences brands. We are united in our core belief that improving the lives of transplant patients worldwide is our ultimate objective. For our HLA and Transplant customers, we remain firmly committed to bringing you quality reagents and superior customer support. For now, its business as usual, so please communicate with both companies as you normally have. Together we look forward to working with you in advancing the field of transplantation.

Linksēq™ Real-Time PCR

Fast, Easy, Molecular Antigen Typing

Fast, simple workflow for building complete antigen profiles

Get results from problem samples

Identify weakly expressed phenotypes

HPA, ABO (new!) and RBC*

Subgroup A1 versus non-A1

Appropriate for high and low throughput labs

Identify weakly expressed phenotypes

Type without antisera

Minimal training required

Get results from problem samples

Results in less than 90 minutes

Automated data analysis

Fast, simple workflow for building complete antigen profiles

HPA Typing has never been easier!

Expanded Coverage

HPA-1 through HPA-11, and HPA-15

Fast, Easy

Linksēq Confidence

Accurate real-time PCR
Contamination protection

Linksēq Simplicity

Faster workflow with less hands-on effort
Easy data analysis with SureTyper™ software


Linkage Biosciences – Delivering the latest Real-Time PCR genotyping technologies

Dramatic Improvement

Linkage Biosciences is a molecular diagnostics company focused on the development of products that dramatically improve and expedite complex genetic testing.

LinkSeq Technology

Our LinkSēq technology utilizes proprietary assay designs, reagents and software, in combination with standard Real-Time PCR hardware to simplify the determination of complex genetic sequences.

LinkSēq’s innovative chemistry – developed for use on Real-Time PCR platforms.

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EFI/SFHI Days in Paris, France 2017

Join Linkage Biosciences for the 2017 EFI/SFHI
Educational Days in Paris, France.

Wednesday November 22 – Friday November 24, 2017

My laboratory has been using the LinkSēq technology for a couple of years now.  My technologists are very happy that we converted to real-time PCR.  The ease of the use of LinkSēq has allowed our laboratory to focus additional effort on other aspects of the transplantation process and helps us with the demands of our overall program.

Martin Oaks, PhDAurora Health Care

We have been very pleased with your LinkSēq kits.  The procedure is faster, more reliable, and less hands-on.  Repeat testing and turnaround time has dropped dramatically, and FTE usage dropped as well.  Your test has really improved our overall workflow.  Please keep up the good work.

Michael D. Gautreaux, PhD, D.ABHIDirector, HLA/Immunogenetics Laboratory

HLA typing using RT-PCR is quickly replacing gel-based SSP typing.  I can’t imagine sticking with traditional SSP methodology after using RT-PCR.  Our staff love it, and our customers appreciate the shorter turn around time!

SupervisorHLA Laboratory

After seeing an in-house demonstration of the LinkSēq kits, I elected to convert all my HLA testing to RT-PCR.  We made the switch with complete validation in 2 months. I have been pleased beyond
my expectations. The procedure is easy, less hands-on and therefore safer, faster and the software is remarkably user friendly. Repeat testing has dropped to less than 1% of the time, turnaround time and FTE usage dropped dramatically.

So we are accomplishing more, faster and at a lower cost than ever before.

DirectorHLA Laborator